Testimonials/ Success Stories
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"I've worked with my Darien personal trainer Chris for three years and it shows! One of the best aspects of working with Chris is his ability to customize workouts based on my changing needs - whether it is to get leaner, get more definition, build cardiac endurance, etc.- he never hesitates to make my workout work for my needs. He pushes me, but in a way that I am confident I can do it and now I am doing things I never thought possible (like squatting 135 pounds!). 

Chris has trained me through pregnancy and post-pregnancy and now my stomach is flatter than it was BEFORE having three kids! I have worked with several personal trainers over the past decade and Chris is by far the best I have experienced!!!

--Melanie, Darien, CT

If you are looking for the best personal trainer in New Canaan… you’ve found him! 

Chris has been my personal trainer for almost 2 years both in Darien and in New Canaan, and in that time he has transformed my body from weak to strong. My confidence level is soaring, and I feel fantastic, energized, and I truly look forward to each workout. His workouts incorporate strength training and cardio, and they are always different! I have not done the same routine more than once in almost 2 years! Chris’s knowledge, professionalism, and educational credentials are just an addition to his encouraging personality. 

I highly recommend him and know that I could not have achieved the same results with anyone else. He has truly made me a happier person! Thank you Chris for accompanying me on my journey to a healthier and stronger body!" 

"Everyone notices how good I look too!!!"

--Jill Pescatore, 44 New Canaan, CT
"I started working with Chris in April 2010 after using personal trainers for many years in New York City... The difference was amazing!!!  My goal was to lose 10lbs and within two months I lost 15lbs. I gained lean muscle mass and the stiffness in my lower back is gone. My improved muscle mass and posture has been commented upon by everyone I know.

As a Physical Therapist for 35 years I know the difference between the various certifications for personal trainers. Chris is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), which is recognized as the gold standard of training certifications. Most of all Chris knows how to push me to achieve more and for once I am totally confident that I will not sustain an injury. Excellence is difficult to find in any field; so I was lucky to sign on with Chris when I was looking for my personal trainer in Darien."

--John Sabulis PT, MA Darien, CT
Chris. He has a complete understanding of the body, its limitations and how to motivate and encourage his clients to strive for their goals, but not at the expense of their well being. Chris has worked with me through one of my most difficult physical time periods during my life...knee replacement! 

I totally recommend him to anyone fighting back from any kind of physical trauma. His positive attitude and his total desire for you to achieve your goals is infectious! 

--Che Roehner, Rowayton, CT
"Chris is simply the best personal trainer I have ever had!!!  He is extremely knowledgeable in weight training and cardio exercise but is also hugely talented in motivation - something I desperately needed. He has the perfect balance of toughness and compassion. He is different than any other personal trainer that I have worked with before because he is passionate and committed. It is not just his job - it is his life.

But the bottom line is: Chris enabled me to achieve my goals: Substantial Weight Loss, Better Physically Fit, and Feeling Great both physically and mentally. I highly and without hesitation, recommend him if you're looking for a personal trainer in Darien!!!" 

--Kathleen, Darien, CT
"I am a former college football player and I played pro-baseball in Europe. After ending my athletic career and working for many years I suddenly found myself middle aged and in extremely poor condition. Chris has been my personal trainer for more than 2 years now and I can honestly say that it's changed my life. I'm back to being physically fit and in great health. Chris has trained my entire family including my son who is now a college football and baseball player. The way Chris cares about my son as well as my son's physial condition really shows that- 

this is not just his job, but his passion. I highly recommend Chris!!!"

--Bill Fitzgerald, Rowayton, CT
"At the beginning of 2010, I was overweight and had health issues that were aggravated by high stress and poor fitness. I had seen Chris work out with clients and was impressed with his dedication, energy and technique – so I asked if he could work with me. Chris customized a workout program that not only addressed and improved my physical appearance but also significantly enhanced my overall fitness level. I find myself today in better shape and feeling better about myself than I have in years. Chris has gotten me on the path of sustainable health and fitness – he varies the workouts and pushes you to excel so that by the end of each session, you have conquered another milestone. 

Chris is dedicated, focused and driven - his energy is infectious. He pushes me and at the same time keeps me injury free. I whole-heartedly recommend him if you need a personal trainer in Rowayton."

Alexis –Rowayton, CT

"I began personal training with Chris primarily for performance improvement. Our goal was and still is for me to be more explosive and agile, to be faster, to gain muscle, and to be an all around stronger athlete. I wanted to continue playing sports in college, and it’s nearly impossible to get to the next level on your own. 

As a pitcher for my college baseball team, we specifically focus on throwing faster. Chris has led me to improve my leg strength, upper body strength, core strength, shoulder stability, and course my confidence and these improvements have increased the velocity of my pitches tremendously. 

He even set up a diet plan for me with numerous food choices that combine to form a precise balance of carbohydrates, protein, and calories for each meal. With this guidance, I’ve put on 20 pounds of muscle while becoming more explosive and agile

Chris also takes special notice of any aches or pains I may have on my throwing arm. At one point I had tendonitis in the elbow of my throwing arm so Chris adjusted my lifts in a way that I could continue to make gains and heal at the same time. He implemented other exercises to cure my tendonitis, and told me exactly what to do outside of the weight room to continue the healing process. 

Chris genuinely cares about improving my performance on the baseball field, just as he truly cares about each individual he is training. He combines his sincere passion for training with knowledge, expertise, and wisdom regarding exactly what needs to be done both inside and outside the weight room. 

I would undoubtedly recommend him to my friends and family and I have already done so. Everyone who trains with Chris is lucky. He is a rare type of person, and the best personal trainer in Rowayton. His knowledge about what to do inside and outside the weight room is unrivalled, and his legitimate care for each of his clients is unmatched.  He has led me to becoming a better athlete and has caused my confidence to grow both on and off the field." 

--John Honey-Fitzgerald, Rowayton, CT 
Real Results!
"I have always been an active person. For years I thought that if I started lifting weights I would immediately bulk up and that is not what I wanted. I pretty much stuck to cardio which included fast paced walking on the treadmill, biking, or the elliptical.  I never thought I would be able to run for more than just a few minutes, but things changed when I met Amanda Lima. 

I began a strict workout program with her and after one week of training and intense cardio I saw differences in my body! The workouts were designed for strength training and leaning out our muscles. I felt great and really wanted to try sticking to this program. Now, months later I have leaned out, lost weight, and I run 3 miles almost every day!    

The shape of my body has changed and I feel better than I ever have! She is tough but knows how to motivate. I look forward to our sessions together every week.  Amanda is a wonderful trainer!    ​

 --​Melissa DiScala
"Don't just workout hard...
workout smart!"
"Amanda is a wonderful trainer who works with you directly to accomplish your goals!!!  

She is incredibly attentive to your form and problem areas, and keeps you entertained throughout your entire workout! I thoroughly enjoy my time with Amanda because she keeps me on my toes and having fun!"

--Spenser Sussan, Stamford, CT